401k SaFE MONEY Rollover Annuity

INsure your principal   

DECREASE your market exposure

Enjoy your retirement days without the market risk worry for loss of principal as you enjoy your travels.

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You are going to live a long time and need your money to pay you a monthly check for life.  Get a check from social security and get a check from your private pension plan (fixed index annuity from your www.401krolloverannuity.com ). 

There is no minimum or maximum savings.  But personal choice is to divide up your portfolio into three buckets of income. Social security (annuity), a 401k Fixed Index Annuity and your risky portfolio income (dividends, stock market and bonds).   You never want to outlive your money and you will live a long time on your savings.  The average person lives 30 years into retirement.  You also want to live a comfortable health life, but you will get sick and become disabled or need home care.  The great news about annuity is that it is insurance also to cover home health care, long term nurse care and death benefits for survivors.  Each annuity plan is different and can be customized for your needs.  Long term care insurance is expensive and if you pay premiums and never use it, you lose it. But with a fixed index annuity you have health care benefits and if you don’t use them the money can be used for income.

Enjoy your retirement years traveling, sailing, hiking, golfing and not watching wall street or CD rates.  Lock into a guarantee of lifetime income and let the professionals manage the money in an insured and secured annuity from an insurance company.  Insurance companies are regulated by the states and require financial auditing and side funds for guarantees. Your private pension plan with a 401k rollover fixed index annuity plan will take the stress out of your dividend cuts, interest rate changes or banking issues.  Get a free annuity quote and see what monthly income checks that an annuity can offer you, see the insurance benefits.  Start now and save today without having to wait until you are 65.  If you open a qualified plan you still have the tax benefits and IRS deductions. Look at annuity quotes, add up your social security income and see how you retirement income can have you living the good life.

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